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How To Deal With A First Time DUI Arrest

Mr. Burglin was recently interviewed by Marin Magazine regarding DUI prosecutions in Marin County and "How To Deal With A First Time DUI Arrest". You can read the full article here


     The Marin County District Attorney's Office had a "we don't plea bargain drunk driving cases" policy beginning in 1978 when former District Attorney Jerry "Mad Dog" Herman ran an election campaign on that promise. As a result, reckless driving reductions (more commonly referred to as “wet reckless” dispositions) were never offered in lieu of a drunk driving charge in Marin County DUI cases.

     We are pleased to report that budget pressures and crowded court dockets have brought some changes in this regard.  Effective June 15, 2016, "wet reckless" resolutions are now being offered to some first time offenders.  The current policy is only a 6-month trial period and will be reviewed by the District Attorney at that point to determine if it will remain in place.
     This new policy does come concurrently with enhanced sentencing terms on almost all DUI cases.  There is room for negotiation depending on the totality of circumstances, and it is therefore prudent that you retain a local lawyer who is familiar with the prosecutors, judges, and general policies involved in Marin County Superior Court cases.  

     I'm Paul Burglin and I have been practicing DUI defense in Marin County since 1985. I am one of just six DUI defense attorneys in the state of California (and the only one in Marin) that is Board-Certified in DUI Defense (as recognized by the American Bar Association), and I co-author the two-volume treatise California Drunk Driving Law which is referred to by colleagues as “the bible of DUI defense.”

     My wife and I make our home in Kentfield and and my office is conveniently located in downtown San Rafael at 999 Fifth Ave., Suite 350. Call me today at 415-729-7300 or fill out this form for an appointment and I will be happy to meet with you for a discreet and confidential consultation.

      Midway through this page is a partial list of my credentials. Don't forget to read the testimonials page. There is no substitute for my level of experience and expertise in the field of DUI defense. I continue to educate myself and I am at the top of my profession to help people like you keep your license and avoid jail sentences.


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   I can also help you if you have been charged with a DUI anywhere in the Bay Area or Lake Tahoe region.

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    You might even wish to order a copy of California Drunk Driving Law, a two-volume treatise co-authored by myself and my colleague Barry Simons. The book is written for criminal defense attorneys in California but may be purchased by non-attorneys as well by going to: www.jamespublishing.com/books/cddl.htm

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Court fines, fees, and assessments that may arise from a drunk driving conviction include vehicle towing and storage; booking, fingerprinting and photo; driver’s license reinstatement; car insurance increase; community service fee; DUI victims’ fund; alcohol abuse education fund; DUI classes; DUI victim’s impact sessions; and time payment charges....

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